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The Irish Voice in America: 250 Years of Irish-American Fiction, second edition

by Charles Fanning

In this study, Charles Fanning has written the first general account of the origins and development of a literary tradition among American writers of Irish birth or background who have explored the Irish immigrant or ethnic experience in works of fiction.

Sidney Lumet: Film and Literary Vision, second edition

by Frank R. Cunningham

Since 1957, Sidney Lumet, the most prolific American director of his generation, has deepened audiences’ awareness of social, ethical, and feminist issues through such distinguished films as 12 Angry Men, The Verdict, Running on Empty, and Critical Care.

Fighting Jim Crow in the County of Kings: The Congress of Racial Equality in Brooklyn

by Brian Purnell

The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) established a reputation as one of the most important civil rights organizations of the early 1960s.

Feminist Literary Criticism: Explorations in Theory, second edition

edited by Josephine C. Donovan

The first major book of feminist critical theory published in the United States is now available in an expanded second edition.

Our Kentucky: A Study of the Bluegrass State, second edition

edited by James C. Klotter

Originally published in 1992 in conjunction with Kentucky's bicentennial observations and designed for use in the high school classroom, Our Kentucky remains one of the most concise, well-written introductions to the Bluegrass State.

Prince of Dublin Printers: The Letters of George Faulkner

by Robert E. Ward

Here for the first time are gathered together the extant letters of George Faulkner, Irish printer in eighteenth-century Dublin.

Calderón: Three Comedies by Pedro Calderón de la Barca

by Pedro Calderón de la Barca translated by Kenneth Muir and Ann L. Mackenzie

This volume is a sequel to Four Comedies of Calderón (1980), which was hailed by reviewers as superb, faithful, and actable.

Iconography in Medieval Spanish Literature

by John E. Keller and Richard P. Kinkade

The masterpieces of medieval Spanish literature have come to be known and loved by Hispanists, and more recently by others throughout the world.

Gold Rush Diary: Being the Journal of Elisha Douglas Perkins on the Overland Trail in the Spring and Summer of 1849

edited by Thomas D. Clark

Among the hundreds captivated by the vision of quick riches in the gold fields of California was Elisha Douglass Perkins, a tall handsome youth from Marietta, Ohio, who has here left a remarkable first-hand account of the great trek westward in 1849.

Historic Maps of Kentucky

by Thomas D. Clark

Maps published frorn the third quarter of the eighteenth century through the Civil War reflect in colorful detail the emergence of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the unfolding art of American cartography.

The American Darters

by Robert A. Kuehne and Roger W. Barbour

The darters are a fascinating group of colorful and diminutive freshwater fish whose beauty rivals that of the tropical reef fishes.

Elites and Change in the Kentucky Mountains

by H. Dudley Plunkett and Mary Jean Bowman

Many Americans who trace their roots to communities similar to those of Appalachian Kentucky are becoming aware of the extent to which the problems of such communities represent the price paid for keeping alive traditions that are beginning to be missed in the wider society.

The Winning Tradition: A History of Kentucky Wildcat Basketball, second edition

by Bert Nelli and Steve Nelli

In its 95-year history, the Kentucky Wildcats have won more games than any other college basketball team.

The Aloineae: A Biosystematic Survey

by Herbert Parkes Riley and Shyamal K. Majumdar

The Aloineae, a tribe of several hundred species of succulent plants of the lily family, are ideal subjects for the study of karotypes and chromosome irregularities.

Kentucky Illustrated: The First Hundred Years

by Martin F. Schmidt introduction by James C. Klotter

Kentucky Illustrated brings together a substantial portion of the pictorial scenes published during Kentucky's first century, many of them rare prints reproduced here for the first time since their original publication.

Annotated Bibliography of Films in Automation, Data Processing, and Computer Science

by Martin B. Soloman Jr., and Nora Geraldine Lovan

With the rapid development of computer science and the expanding use of computers in all facets of American life, there has been made available a wide range of instructional and informational films on automation, data processing, and computer science.

Developmental Change: An Annotated Bibliography

by Allan A. Spitz

Developmental change and the related problems of modernization have attracted the attention of scholars in many discipliness.

Human Migration: A Guide to Migration Literature in English 1955–1962

by J. J. Mangalam with the assitance of Cornelia Morgan

In this guide to the literature on human migration, J.J. Mangalam indexes over 2,000 titles that appeared in English from 1955 through 1962.

The Southern Appalachian Region: A Survey

edited by Thomas R. Ford

The Southern Appalachian Region is the largest American “problem area”—an area whose participation in the economic growth of the nation has not been sufficient to relieve the chronic poverty of its people.

Nine Seventeenth-Century Organ Transcriptions from the Operas of Lully

edited by Almonte C. Howell Jr.

Jean-Baptiste Lully is perhaps best known in the history of music as the founder of French opera.

Ante Bellum Houses of the Bluegrass: The Development of Residential Architecture in Fayette County, Kentucky

by Clay Lancaster

The ante bellum homes of Lexington and Fayette County, Kentucky, are both more numerous and more distinctive in design than those of many communities of similar age.

The Dover Mound

by William S. Webb and Charles E. Snow

Fifty-five burials with their accompanying artifacts were uncovered during the excavation of the Dover Mound, located in Mason County, Kentucky, yielding new data on the cultural group known as the Adena which is reported in detail by the authors.

After the Trauma: Representative British Novelists Since 1920

by Harvey Curtis Webster

In this lucid book a distinguished scholar and critic measures British fiction from World War I through the convulsive effects of the Depression and World War II, and the importance of the writing that has been done since Finnegan's Wake.

The Master Architects: Building the United States Foreign Service 1890–1913

by Richard Hume Werking

During the twenty years before World War I, several key figures worked to improve the foreign service and to reform its appointment system.

Shakespeare and the Outer Mystery

by Robert H. West

Shakespeare has been viewed by critics both as a secular writer who affirmed the dual nature of man and as a Christian allegorist whose work has a submerged but positive and elaborate pattern of Christian meaning.