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William Goebel: The Politics of Wrath

by James C. Klotter

The turbulent career of William Goebel (1856–1900), which culminated in assassination, marked an end-of-the-century struggle for political control of Kentucky.

The Kentucky Harness Horse

by Ken McCarr

This informative book shows how the influence of Kentucky Standard breeding spread across the nation and finally around the world.

Tobacco and Kentucky

by W. F. Axton

For centuries before Europeans came to the New World, tobacco had an important role in the religious and social life of the early peoples of Kentucky.

Audubon: The Kentucky Years

by L. Clark Keating

Kentucky attracted an amazing variety of would-be settlers in pioneer days, but none with brighter talent than John James Audubon.

The Big Sandy

by Carol Crowe-Carraco

The Big Sandy River and its two main tributaries, the Tug and Levisa forks, drain nearly two million mountainous acres in the easternmost part of Kentucky.