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Front Line of Freedom: African Americans and the Forging of the Underground Railroad in the Ohio Valley

by Keith P. Griffler

The Underground Railroad, an often misunderstood antebellum institution, has been viewed as a simple combination of mainly white “conductors” and black “passengers.” Keith P. Griffler takes a new, battlefield-level view of the war against American slavery as he reevaluates one of its front lines: the Ohio River, the longest commercial dividing line between slavery and freedom.

Flatheads and Spooneys: Fishing for a Living in the Ohio River Valley

by Jens Lund

Since the early 1800s, people have made a living fishing and harvesting mussels in the lower Ohio Valley.

Here Comes The Showboat!

by Betty Bryant

”I was born at the tail end of a unique and delightful era and raised on one of the last showboats to struggle for survival against the devastating crunch of progress.

Lion of the Forest: James B. Finley, Frontier Reformer

by Charles C. Cole, Jr.

James B. Finley—circuit rider, missionary, prison reformer, church official—transformed the Ohio River Valley in the nineteenth century.

Towboat on the Ohio

by James E. Casto

To get a personal look at what it is like to work on the Ohio River, newspaperman James E. Casto spent eight days aboard the Blazer as it traveled the Ohio from Huntington, West Virginia, to Pittsburgh, up the Allegheny and the Mongahela, and then back to Huntington.