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Miracles of Our Lady

by Gonzalo de Berceo

Miracle tales, in which people are rewarded for piety or punished for sin through the intervention of the Virgin Mary, were a popular literary form all through the Middle Ages.

Pious Brief Narrative in Medieval Castilian and Galician Verse: From Berceo to Alfonso X

by John E. Keller

“Brief narratives,” or medieval precursors to the modern short story, are compositions couched in the form of a tale of reasonable short length.

The Presence of Camões: Influences on the Literature of England, America, and Southern Africa

by George Monteiro

Of the great epic poets in the Western tradition, Luis Vaz de Camões (c. 1524- 1580) remains perhaps the least known outside his native Portugal, and his influence on literature in English has not been fully recognized.

The Presence of Pessoa: English, American, and Southern African Literary Responses

by George Monteiro

Fernando Pessoa (1888–1935) is perhaps the most engaging of the great Western modernists of this century.

Refiguring Authority: Reading, Writing, and Rewriting in Cervantes

by E. Michael Gerli

In this wide-ranging study E. Michael Gerli shows how Cervantes and his contemporaries ceaselessly imitated one another—glossing works, dismembering and reconstructing them, writing for and against one another—while playing sophisticated games of literary one-upmanship. The result was that literature in late Renaissance Spain was often more than a simple matter of source and imitation.