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The Unfolding God of Jung and Milton

by James P. Driscoll

In this first extensive Jungian treatment of Milton’s major poems, James P. Driscoll uses archetypal psychology to explore Milton’s great themes of God, man, woman, and evil and offers readers deepened understanding of Jung’s profound thoughts on Godhead.

Worldmaking Spenser: Explorations in the Early Modern Age

edited by Patrick Cheney and Lauren Silberman

Worldmaking Spenser reexamines the role of Spenser's work in English history and highlights the richness and complexity of his understanding of place.

Allegorical Poetics and the Epic: The Renaissance Tradition to Paradise Lost

by Mindele Anne Treip

Literary allegory has deep roots in early reading and interpretation of Scripture and classical epic and myth.

Aemilia Lanyer: Gender, Genre, and the Canon

edited by Marshall Grossman with contributions by David Bevington, Leeds Barroll, Kari Boyd McBride, Susanne Woods, Janel Mueller, Marshall Grossman, Naomi Miller, Michael Morgan Holmes, Achsah Guibbory, and Boyd Berry

Aemilia Lanyer was a Londoner of Jewish-Italian descent and the mistress of Queen Elizabeth’s Lord Chamberlain.

Darke Hierogliphicks: Alchemy in English Literature from Chaucer to the Restoration

by Stanton J. Linden

The literary influence of alchemy and hermeticism in the work of most medieval and early modern authors has been overlooked.