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Wingless Flight: The Lifting Body Story

by R. Dale Reed and Darlene Lister

Most lifting bodies, or “flying bathtubs” as they were called, were so ugly only an engineer could love them, and yet, what an elegant way to keep wings from burning off in supersonic flight between earth and orbit.

To Reach the High Frontier: A History of U.S. Launch Vehicles

edited by Roger D. Launius and Dennis R. Jenkins

Access—no single word better describes the primary concern of the exploration and development of space.

Expanding the Envelope: Flight Research at NACA and NASA

by Michael H. Gorn

Expanding the Envelope is the first book to explore the full panorama of flight research history, from the earliest attempts by such nineteenth century practitioners as England’s Sir George Cayley, who tested his kites and gliders by subjecting them to experimental flight, to the cutting-edge aeronautical research conducted by the NACA and NASA.