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The Faroe Islands: Interpretations of History

by Jonathan Wylie

Stranded in a stormy corner of the North Atlantic midway between Norway and Iceland, the Faroe Islands are part of "the unknown Western Europe"—a region of recent economic development and subnational peoples facing uncertain futures.

The Extirpation of Idolatry in Peru

by Father Pablo Joseph de Arriaga translated by L. Clark Keating

Long recognized as a classic account of the early Spanish efforts to convert the Indians of Peru, Father De Arriaga’s book, originally published in 1621, has become comparatively rare even in its Spanish editions.

Eskimo Boyhood: An Autobiography in Psychosocial Perspective

by Charles C. Hughes

Here is a unique view of life as experienced by a young Eskimo.

Sayings of the Ancestors: The Spiritual Life of the Sibundoy Indians

by John Holmes McDowell

The Sibundoy valley of southwestern Colombia is the home of a unique Indian culture—one that blends Incan elements with those of the aboriginal natives.

The Dover Mound

by William S. Webb and Charles E. Snow

Fifty-five burials with their accompanying artifacts were uncovered during the excavation of the Dover Mound, located in Mason County, Kentucky, yielding new data on the cultural group known as the Adena which is reported in detail by the authors.