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Pricing Decisions in Small Business

by W. Warren Haynes

These studies, which originated from research on approximately 100 firms earned on at the University of Kentucky under a grant from the Small Business Administration, are an empirical examination of decision making in the small firm.

Estimating Economic Capacity

by Richard E. Gift

Noting the variety of methods by which the concept of economic capacity is measured and the different ways that the concept is defined, Richard E. Gift seeks here to develop a conceptual framework within which a meaningful interpretation of these many definitions and measures of productive capacity can be made.

Accounting in Small Business Decisions

by James L. Gibson and W. Warren Haynes

Accounting in Small Business Decisions presents the first large-scale empirical examination of how small firms use accounting data to make operating decisions.

Income and Employment in the Southeast

by L. Randolph McGee

Although there has been a growing interest in regional economic development, the important aspect of regional business fluctuations has not received corresponding attention.

Investment Decisions in Small Business

by Martin B. Soloman

How to choose the investment that will give the best return is a problem faced by all businessmen.