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Ambrose Bierce is Missing: And Other Historical Mysteries

by Joe Nickell

What constitutes historical truth is often subject to change.

Secrets of the Sideshows

by Joe Nickell

The carnival sideshows of the past have left behind a fascinating legacy of mystery and intrigue.

Relics of the Christ

by Joe Nickell

Religious relics, defined as “either portions of or objects connected with the body of a saint or other holy person,” are among the most revered items in the world.

Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating the World's Most Elusive Creatures

by Benjamin Radford and Joe Nickell

For centuries, eyewitnesses around the world—from America to Africa, Argentina to Scotland—have reported sightings of dark, mysterious creatures in area lakes that surface briefly, only to quickly disappear.

Detecting Forgery: Forensic Investigation of Documents

by Joe Nickell

Detecting Forgery reveals the complete arsenal of forensic techniques used to detect forged handwriting and alterations in documents and to identify the authorship of disputed writings.