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Kentucky's Last Cavalier: General William Preston, 1816-1887

by Peter J. Sehlinger

William Preston was a leading representative of Kentucky’s slaveholding, landed gentry, the group who dominated economic, political, and social life in the commonwealth before the Civil War.

Kentucky: Portrait in Paradox, 1900-1950

by James C. Klotter

This volume is the first comprehensive and in-depth history of Kentucky during the first half of the 20th century.

A History of Blacks in Kentucky: In Pursuit of Equality, 1890-1980, Volume 2

by George C Wright

Published by the Kentucky Historical Society & Distributed by the University Press of Kentucky This is the second part of a two-volume study which covers the entire spectrum of the black experience in Kentucky from earliest exploration and settlement to 1980.

Kentucky: Decades of Discord, 1865-1900

by Hambleton Tapp and James C. Klotter

" Published by the Kentucky Historical Society and Distributed by the University Press of Kentucky This period of Kentucky's history began with the unsettled society following the close of the Civil War, included bloody feuds, and closed with the tragic Goebel assassination.

Faces of Kentucky

by James C. Klotter and Freda C. Klotter

Written by Kentuckians for Kentuckians, Faces of Kentucky is a comprehensive history of Kentucky designed for young students.