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Loans and Legitimacy: The Evolution of Soviet-American Relations, 1919-1933

by Katherine A.S. Siegel

In 1919 the Soviet government directed Ludwig Martens to open a trade bureau in New York.

Organizing the Breathless: Cotton Dust, Southern Politics, and the Brown Lung Association

by Robert E. Botsch

In the 1970s, textile workers joined forces with a small band of grassroots activists and organizers and challenged the most powerful industrial interest in the heart of Dixie-the cotton textile manufacturers.

Working-Class Mobilization and Political Control: Venezuela and Mexico

by Charles L. Davis

Historically, Latin American political regimes have sought to postpone far-reaching economic reforms and improvements in living standards in order to facilitate the accumulation of private capital.

Coal-Mining Safety in the Progressive Period: The Political Economy of Reform

by William Graebner

Through the first decade of the twentieth century, Americans looked upon industrial accidents with callous disregard; they were accepted as an unfortunate but necessary adjunct to industrial society.

An American Dissenter: The Life of Algie Martin Simons 1870–1950

by Kent Kreuter and Gretchen Kreuter

In this biography of Algie Martin Simons, a major figure in the Socialist party of America, Kent and Gretchen Kreuter show the widely ranging social activities that brought Simons into touch with many of the movements and personalities of his time.