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Jefferson's Declaration of Independence: Origins, Philosophy, and Theology

by Allen Jayne

Allen Jayne analyzes the ideology of the Declaration of Independence—and its implications—by going back to the sources of Jefferson's ideas: Bolingbroke, Kames, Reid, and Locke.

The Evolution Controversy in America

by George Webb

For well over a century, the United States has witnessed a prolonged debate over organic evolution and teaching of the theory in the nation’s public schools.

Mark Twain And The South

by Arthur G. Pettit

The South was many things to Mark Twain: boyhood home, testing ground for manhood, and the principal source of creative inspiration.

Droysen and the Prussian School of History

by Robert Southard

The Prussian School of History first predicted and advocated, then celebrated and defended, the unification of Germany by Prussia.

Torchbearer of Freedom: The Influence of Richard Price on 18th Century Thought

by Carl B. Cone

A bronze inscription in the public library of Bridgend calls Richard Price "Philosopher. Preacher.