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Tales from Kentucky Doctors

by William Lynwood Montell

The nearly 350 humorous, heartwarming, and sometimes tragic accounts presented in William Lynwood Montell’s latest book, Tales from Kentucky Doctors, offer an unusual perspective on the culture and tradition of Kentucky health-care practice.

Respiratory Control: Central and Peripheral Mechanisms

by Dexter F. Speck, Michael S. Dekin, W. Robert Revelette, and Donald A. Frazier

Understanding of the respiratory control system has been greatly improved by technological and methodological advances.

Yellow Fever and Public Health in the New South

by John H. Ellis

The public health movement in the South began in the wake of a yellow fever epidemic that devastated the lower Mississippi Valley in 1878--a disaster that caused 20,000 deaths and financial losses of nearly $200 million.

You Bet Your Life: The Burdens of Gambling

by Neil D. Isaacs

We are a nation of gamblers: pari-mutuel wagering at horse tracks; blackjack in Las Vegas; the NCAA basketball office pool; even day trading on the internet.

Behavioral Therapy for Rural Substance Abusers

by Carl Leukefeld, Cynthia Brown, James Clark, and Theodore Godlaski

The problems and needs of rural substance abusers vary from those of abusers in urban areas.