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College for the Commonwealth: A Case for Higher Education in American Democracy

by Michael T. Benson and Hal R. Boyd foreword by E. Gordon Gee

In the past decade, states across the nation have cut higher education spending per student by more than 15 percent.

North Korean Military Proliferation in the Middle East and Africa: Enabling Violence and Instability

by Bruce E. Bechtol Jr.

North Korea has posed a threat to stability in Northeast Asia for decades.

The Appalachian Regional Commission: Twenty-Five Years of Government Policy

by Michael Bradshaw

The images of poverty in Appalachia that John F. Kennedy used in his campaign for the presidency in 1960 shocked and disturbed many Americans.

Impact of War on Federal Personnel Administration: 1939–1945

by Gladys M. Kammerer

World War II made enormous and unprecedented demands upon the nation’s civil service administration.

The Context of Environmental Politics: Unfinished Business for America's Third Century

by Harold Sprout and Margaret Sprout

Now familiar to all is the cry that present rates of pollution, ecological disruption, and depletion of resources are leading inevitably to worldwide disaster.