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The Unfolding God of Jung and Milton

by James P. Driscoll

In this first extensive Jungian treatment of Milton’s major poems, James P. Driscoll uses archetypal psychology to explore Milton’s great themes of God, man, woman, and evil and offers readers deepened understanding of Jung’s profound thoughts on Godhead.

Workers Under Stress: The Impact of Work Pressure on Group Cohesion

by Stuart M. Klein

This important book reexamines old assumptions concerning the nature of group cohesion in industrial firms as it is influenced by management actions.

Dimensions of Authoritarianism: A Review of Research and Theory

by John P. Kirscht and Ronald C. Dillehay

The concept of authoritarianism, first defined in The Authoritarian Personality published in 1950, has since been treated in a bewildering array of studies that have explored both its narrow psychological meaning and its broader social implications.

Metaphors of Mind in Fiction and Psychology

by Michael S. Kearns

Curiosity about the human mind—what it is and how it functions—began long before modern psychology.

Femininities, Masculinities, Sexualities: Freud and Beyond

by Nancy J. Chodorow

Nancy J. Chodorow takes her fellow psychoanalysts to task for their monolithic and pathologizing accounts of deviant gender and sexuality.