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A Guide to Cyanobacteria: Identification and Impact

by Mark A. Nienaber and Miriam Steinitz-Kannan

Blue-green algae (also known as cyanobacteria) and the toxins they can produce pose serious economic, environmental, and public health problems worldwide.

Fifth Symposium on the Structure of Low-Medium Mass Nuclei

edited by J. P. Davidson and Bernard D. Kern

In this report of the proceedings of the Fifth Symposium prominent world physicists give an account of the status of the understanding of nuclear structure in the mass region from A=20 to A=60. Ten invited papers cover various aspects of nuclear structure from both the theoretical and the experimental points of view.

Intermediate Structure in Nuclear Reactions

edited by Hugh P. Kennedy and Rudolph Schrils

The Lecture series on Intermediate Structure in Nuclear Reactions was held in June 1966 at the University of Kentucky.

Genetics and Developmental Biology: The Thomas Hunt Morgan Centennial Symposium

edited by Howard J. Teas

These essays—the outgrowth of a symposium sponsored by the University of Kentucky to honor one of its most distinguished graduates, Nobel Prize laureate Thomas Hunt Morgan—provide a representative view of research interests in specific areas of molecular biology.