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Place Matters: New Directions in Appalachian Studies

Edited by Dwight B. Billings

Now, perhaps more than ever—in the contexts of a globalizing world and internationalizing college curricula—PLACE MATTERS. This series explores the history, social life, and cultures of Appalachia from multidisciplinary, comparative, and global perspectives. Topics of interest include diversity and social inequalities, geography and political economy, critical regionalism and trans-regional dynamics, social movements and activism, migration and immigration, the environment, social problems and public policy, efforts to confront regional stereotypes, literature and the arts, and the on-going social construction and re-imagination of Appalachia. The goal of the series is to place Appalachian dynamics in the context of global change and to show why place-based and regional studies still matter. Editorial Advisory Board: Ronald Eller John Gaventa John Inscoe Ann Kingsolver Carol Mason Chad Montrie Alessandro Portelli Emily Satterwhite Barabara Ellen Smith Bruce Stewart