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Sue Mundy: A Novel of the Civil War

by Richard Taylor

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Kentucky Voices
360 pages  Pubdate: 02/13/2009  6 x 9 x .875  illus

On March 15, 1865, three weeks before the end of the Civil War, twenty-year-old M. Jerome Clarke was hanged as a Confederate guerrilla in Louisville, Kentucky, as a crowd of thousands looked on. In the official charges against him, Clarke's description included the alias “Sue Mundy.” By the time of his execution, Sue Mundy had earned a reputation as the region's most dangerous and enigmatic female outlaw. Sue Mundy is the story of Jerome Clarke, a quiet orphan boy who follows a near relative into the ranks of the Confederate infantry. Following his capture by Union forces and his subsequent escape, Jerome joins John Hunt Morgan's notorious Raiders. After Morgan's death, Jerome becomes a Confederate ""irregular,"" one of the many guerrillas in Kentucky who ignored the rules of military engagement and the laws of the land. As stability and familiarity disappear from his and his compatriots' lives, Jerome is unwillingly transfigured by the chaos of war and the efforts of an ambitious journalist into Sue Mundy, she-scourge of Kentucky Unionists. Richard Taylor seamlessly joins narrative and history to tell the compelling story of the Civil War in a state dangerously divided, neighbor against neighbor. Meticulously researched and elegantly written, Sue Mundy reveals the psychology of one of the Civil War's most fascinating figures while providing an accurate account of this tumultuous period in American history.

Richard Taylor is professor and Resident Creative Writer at Kentucky State University. A former poet laureate for Kentucky, Taylor has written several books, including Bluegrass, Earth Bones, Girty and Stone Eye.

"Jarom Clarke's descent into terrorism is well researched and told." --Historical Novels Review

"Intriguing. . . . Fans of the Civil War and historical military fiction will appreciate the author's depiction of war in a border state." --Publishers Weekly

"Intriguing.... Fans of the Civil War and historical military fiction will appreciate the author's depiction of war in a border state." --Publisher's Weekly

"Meticulous research and love of his native Kentucky by its former poet laureate are obvious." --Mary Popham, New Southerner

"Taylor’s gift here is to bring history alive. His writing has always been informed by a deep love and affinity for history—his poetry and his fiction—particularly as it relates to the present." --Louisville Courier-Journal

"The book succeeds on several levels as outstanding literature with universal themes." --Back Home in Kentucky

"The novel offers vivid descriptions of Clarke’s exploits, including daring cattle raids and the kidnapping and execution of Union soldiers. He and his gang became legends in their own time." --Kentucky Monthly

"Richard Taylor’s work of historical fiction, Sue Mundy: A Novel of the Civil War, brings to light the chaotic setting of guerrilla warfare in Kentucky. . . . Taylor develops an enlightening narrative." --Project Muse