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Tales from Kentucky Lawyers

by William Lynwood Montell

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276 pages  Pubdate: 07/22/2016  6 x 9  

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“A woman was sitting on the witness stand, and the lawyer asked her, ‘Did you, or did you not, on the night of June 23rd have sex with a hippie on the back of a motorcycle in a peach orchard?’ She thought for a few minutes, then said, ‘What was that date again?’”—from the book

Lawyers have long been known as master storytellers, and those from Kentucky are certainly no exception. Veteran oral historian and folklorist Lynwood Montell has collected tales from dozens of lawyers and judges from throughout the Bluegrass State, ranging from the story about the tough Jackson County judge who fined himself for being late to court to unwelcome dogs in the courtroom. Recorded just as they have been told for generations, these stories are sometimes funny, sometimes sad or frightening, sometimes raw and harrowing, but always remarkable.

Far more than collection of lawyer jokes, Tales from Kentucky Lawyers recounts the most insightful, entertaining, and occasionally heartbreaking stories ever told by and about Kentucky lawyers and their clients, covering the spectrum from arson to homicide, domestic disagreements to sexual abuse, and everything in between. Tales from Kentucky Lawyers is a valuable resource for folklorists as well as an entertaining and vivid account of the often-surprising legal world.

This is a delightful book and will be enjoyed by anyone, lawyer or not, who enjoys a good story. -- Tennessee Bar Journal

Unexpurgated stories in the words of mostly small-town lawyers involved in some of the damnedest cases you could ever imagine. -- Huntsville (TX) Item, (Columbus, MS) Commercial Dispatch

When you get 39 lawyers and judges talking about what happens in court, the stories may prove enlightening, disappointing, humorous, sad, hopeful, downright real—and occasionally almost unbelievable. -- Kentucky Monthly

One of those books that is fun to peruse. -- Lexington Herald-Leader

This collection of tales from some of the country’s best raconteurs covers not only courtroom situations, but also every kind of topic that might come under a lawyer’s eye, from homicide, theft, and moonshine to family matters, with marvelous accounts of blunders, sharp repartee, and comeuppances. -- Storytelling Magazine

Montell has done an outstanding job of pulling all the different bits together to create a well-organized, fun-to-read collection of how the legal system in Kentucky has changed over the years. Montell has patched together a clear image of the small-town lawyer, his view of self and his place in the world at large, and how that image has changed with the growth of the legal system. It’s a good choice for anyone looking for simply funny stories, or anyone interested in Kentucky. -- Lyrae Borders -- Bowling Green Daily News

The book aims to take readers back to a time when teachers were principals, educators, and janitors all rolled into one. -- James Roberts -- Central Kentucky