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Tales from Tennessee Lawyers

by William Lynwood Montell

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232 pages  Pubdate: 07/22/2016  6 x 9  

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Lawyers have long been known as master storytellers, and those from Tennessee are certainly no exception. Veteran oral historian and folklorist William Lynwood Montell has collected tales from dozens of lawyers and judges from throughout the Volunteer State, ranging from stories of a custody battle over a family dog that garnered national media attention to the self-proclaimed “smartest man in Clay County.” Recorded exactly as the lawyers tell them, these stories are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes raw and harrowing, but always remarkable. Far more than a collection of lawyer jokes, Tales from Tennessee Lawyers recounts the most insightful, entertaining, and occasionally heartbreaking stories ever told by and about Tennessee lawyers and their clients, covering the spectrum from arson to homicide, domestic disagreements to sexual abuse, and everything in between. Tales from Tennessee Lawyers is a valuable resource for folklorists as well as a vivid account of the often-surprising legal world.

An entertaining book. . . . Collects jokes, musings, and anecdotes from more than 30 Tennessee lawyers whose collective careers span more than 50 years right up to the present day. -- (Baton Rouge, LA) Advocate Magazine

This lively book of true stories, some humorous and some horrifying, will capture your attention from beginning to end. -- Calvin Dickinson, author of Rural Life and Culture in the Upper Cumberland

Far more than a collection of lawyer jokes, Tales from Tennessee Lawyers recounts the most insightful, entertaining and occasionally, heartbreaking stories. -- Cleveland Daily Banner

Acquaints us with interesting professionals in the law, most of them good story-tellers, and what they think about their profession and its ability to bring wrong-doers to justice. -- Loyal Jones, author of Faith and Meaning in the Southern Uplands

Tales from Tennessee Lawyers is not only an excellent example of what can be learned from interviewing lawyers about their profession; these first-hand accounts also indicate how lawyers view other lawyers and judges and the people they serve. -- Ronald L. Baker, Editor of Folklore Historian

Heard any good lawyer stories lately? Tales from Tennessee Lawyers is filled with them. -- Commercial Appeal -- Commercial Appeal

This is a delightful book and will be enjoyed by anyone, lawyer or not, who enjoys a good story. -- Tennessee Bar Journal

The gift of gab is part and parcel to a lawyer’s bag of tricks, so it’s no wonder William Lynwood Montell has filled volumes with anecdotes from attorneys and judges. -- Memphis Daily News

A collection of real-life lawyer jokes and oddities. -- News-Sentinel

The appeal rests mainly in the stories themselves. They cover a wide range of topics including (among others) courtroom blunders, divorce and adultery, homicide, thievery, sexual and physical abuse, and legal humor. -- Western Folklore

This title paints vivid pictures, both good and bad, of clients and cases. It's a great read, full of colorful characters and pretty juicy stories. It's the kind of book that's hard not to talk about. -- Tennessee Libraries