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Hollywood Be Thy Name: The Warner Brothers Story

by Cass Warner Sperling and Cork Millner

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416 pages  Pubdate: 08/06/1998  6 x 9  illus

The real story of the Warner brothers has all the drama of a big screen production: a rags-to-riches tale with strife among four brothers, love and marriage, death and divorce, plotting and betrayal. Harry, Sam, Albert, and Jack. Their father Ben insisted that by sticking together they could succeed and prosper. And stick together they did, until they were separated over the years by the death of one brother, and, ultimately, a shocking betrayal. Using family letters, interviews, and personal recollections, Cass Warner Sperling, granddaughter of Harry Warner, and co-author Cork Millner, along with Jack Warner Jr., have shaped a moving biography of the legendary Hollywood family. Interweaving cinematic style and present-tense voices of still-living family members and former Warner Brothers' associates, Hollywood Be Thy Name transports readers into the lives of Hollywood's most enduring legends.

Cass Warner Sperling is the grand-daughter of Harry Warner. Cork Millner is the author of Write from the Start and other books. Jack Warner Jr. is the author of Bijou Dream.

Even in a town where fact often reads like lurid fiction, the Warner story remains special. . . . It is fascinating, with moments equally of revelation and melancholy. -- Charles Champlin

Even though I spent seven years at the studio writing Casablanca, Sergeant York, The Letter , and others, I learned things from this book I didn't know and never suspected. -- Howard Koch

Related how siblings Harry, Sam, Albert, and Jack Warner were able to rise from humble origins as the sons of Russian-Jewish immigrants to Hollywood executives shaping the entertainment tastes of America. -- Journal of the West

Of great interest to students of Hollywood history. -- Publishers Weekly

The story of the Warner brothers is in many ways a history of Hollywood itself, filled with romantic scandals, intrigue, and eventual betrayal. . . . Hollywood Be Thy Name is informative, insightful, authoritative, and offers the reader a true 'window' into the life and times of one of Hollywood's most influential families and studios. -- The Midwest Book Review