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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Homeless Children and Families in Small-Town America

by Yvonne Vissing

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288 pages  Pubdate: 07/11/2014  6 x 9  illus

"Homelessness in small towns and rural areas is on the rise. Drawing on interviews with and case studies of three hundred children and their families, with supporting statistics from federal, state, and private agencies, Vissing illustrates the impact this social problem has upon education, health, and the economy."

Mixes a wide reading of available studies and investigations with her own interviews and field work. . . . The blend of broad, faceless, statistical descriptions with firsthand commentary by the humans behind them makes for compelling reading and a powerful argument. -- Arkansas Historical Quarterly

This very readable book offers a valuable addition and counterpoint to the abundance of literature about the homeless in urban America. Vissing dispels many of the traditional myths about homelessness in small-town America -- The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science