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Hold the Roses

by Rose Marie

Out of Printcloth$25.00 978-0-8131-2264-9
296 pages  Pubdate: 02/01/2003  6 x 9  photos

We all remember Rose Marie as the wisecracking Sally Rogers on The Dick Van Dyke Show, or recognize her from her perch in the top middle square on Hollywood Squares, but not everyone knows her career in show business has spanned almost seventy years. At the tender age of three Rose Marie Mazzetta was entered in an amateur contest at New York City’s Mecca Theatre. Her rendition of “What Can I Say Dear, After I Say I’m Sorry?” won, and her career was launched. She stayed “Baby Rose Marie” until she was well into her teens, singing in nightclubs, on vaudeville stages, on the radio, and in the movies. It was a glamorous but difficult life—she worked side by side with legends such as Al Jolson, Milton Berle, and W.C. Fields, and was watched over by “Uncle” Al Capone and his associates—but her father managed her career and personal life with an iron fist, gambling her earnings away and abusing her and any boy foolish enough to show an interest in the family meal ticket.

A breezy, an entertaining, and an intriguing glimpse at one star’s successes and setbacks. -- Alexandria (VA) Metro

Fascinating, in a career that has spanned eight decades . . . the author has seemingly met everybody who is Somebody in the world of show business and beyond. -- Alexandria Metro-Herald

Named after the title of a Broadway musical, Rose Marie has had a hand in nearly every form of entertainment during her more than 70-year career. -- Big Reel

Not only has Rose Marie written a most entertaining memoir, but she has given us a child’s eye view and an adult’s eye view of her world in radio, film, vaudeville and nightclubs. -- Carl Reiner

A delightful autobiography. -- Groove Magazine

The book’s fast pace and happy memories will please Rose Marie fans. -- Publishers Weekly

A perfectly delightful tour through the very busy life of performer Rose Marie. -- Rainbo Electronic Reviews

Rose Marie found me in Cleveland, brought me to Hollywood, and introduced me to show business. I couldn’t have had a nicer, kinder, funnier lady as a tour guide. She will always occupy a special place in my thoughts. I’ll be at the bookstore waiting for the fun Hold the Roses will provide. -- Tim Conway

Reveals a rollicking life in show business. -- Toluca Lake (CA) Times