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Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya

by David Zurick and Julsun Pacheco

Availablecloth$60.00x 978-0-8131-2388-2
228 pages  Pubdate: 08/04/2006  13 x 10  photos, maps

The Himalaya inspire the notion of Shangri-la and are world renowned for their exquisite mountain scenery and the ancient cultures that tenaciously inhabit this harsh and sublime landscape. Home to all fourteen of the world’s highest peaks, including Mount Everest, and some of its deepest gorges, the region is a trove of biological and cultural diversity. A sweeping overview of the geography, economics, politics, and culture of this spectacular region, the Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya is the first full-color, comprehensive atlas of contemporary land and life in the Earth’s highest mountains.

Drawing from the authors’ twenty-five years of scholarship and personal experience in the region, the volume contains a stunning and unique collection of informative maps based on state-of-the-art cartography, exquisite photography, and compelling text to give accurate coverage of the Himalaya. The entire 2,700-kilometer length of the range is covered, from the Indus Valley in northern Pakistan and India, across Nepal and Bhutan, to the hidden realms of northeast India. With over 300 artfully produced four-color maps and photographs, the Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya is an indispensable reference and a superb collector’s volume for anyone interested in the vast mountain panorama that is the Himalaya.

“This is a magnificent full-color comprehensive atlas of the contemporary life and land of the Earth’s highest mountains.” -- Abstracts of Public Administration, Development, and Environment

An outstanding introduction to the geography and people of these mountains. -- Himalayan Watch

Winner of the 2006 National Outdoor Book Award.

[These are] [. . .] beautiful, stunning, and often thought-provoking black and white photographs of the sacred places of the Himalayan regions [. . .] -- Asian Affairs

winner of the 2006 National Outdoor Book Award in the Nature and Environment Category