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The Line: Combat in Korea, January-February 1951

edited by William T. Bowers

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Battles and Campaigns
376 pages  Pubdate: 10/24/2008  6 x 9 x 1  45 photos, 35 maps

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The opening months of 1951 comprised the first winter of the Korean War, and the fighting was as intense as the weather. In The Line: Combat in Korea, January-February 1951, William T. Bowers analyzes this significant period and its effects on the remainder of the war. The Line is the first of three volumes about the Korean War that focus on combat experiences at the ground level: from battalion hierarchy to the accounts of individual soldiers. Drawn from interviews conducted by Army historians immediately after combat, the books in this series offer intensive examinations of military conflict.

William T. Bowers is a former U.S. Army officer and is currently a researcher and historical analyst. He is the coauthor of Black Soldier, White Army: The 24th Infantry Regiment in Korea.

Finally, a long wait is over. This timely work on the military history of the Korean War fills a gap in the study of the American armed forces between their heroic operations in WWII and controversial mission in Vietnam. The book sheds new light on the Korean War and provides a military perspective. It will be a welcome addition to the literature on the history of the U.S. military and the Cold War. -- Xiaobing Li

It is always refreshing to have another book about the Korea conflict, often referred to as the 'Forgotten War.' -- Military Heritage

Bowers skillfully summarizes military circumstances in Korea…anecdotes regularly add interest and insight. -- James I Matray -- Journal of Military History

“Bowers’ work is a fascinating insight into how the Korean War was perceived by those most intimately involved in this critical juncture.” --Keith A. Clark II, On Point

Bowers’ work is a fascinating insight into how the Korean War was perceived by those most intimately involved in this critical juncture. [The Line: Combat in Korea, January-February 1951] is of value to anyone interested in how U.S.-led forces were able to turn the tide in Korea . . . as well as anyone that wants a better understanding of small unit combat in general. -- Keith A. Clark II -- On Point

Weaving together the account of the fighting at different tactical levels gives the reader a new account of a particular military aspect of the Korean War, casting new light on a hitherto neglected part of a forgotten war. It is well worth the read. -- Military Review

This book is a very welcome addition to the historiography of the Korean War; it sheds new light on the 'forgotten war' and provides an intimate ground-level look at the horrific fighting that characterized the first winter of the war. -- Military History of the West

Combat in Korea: Passing the Test is recommended for those who are interested In the Korean War and mid-twentieth century small unit actions. Although not a traditional narrative treatment of these topics, this book is an admirable example of how to use a familiar source in a new way. -- Journal of Military History