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A Concise History of Kentucky

by James C. Klotter and Freda C. Klotter

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256 pages  Pubdate: 03/21/2008  6 x 9  54

To most people, the word “Kentucky” is likely to inspire thoughts of Derby Day, burley tobacco fields, feuding Appalachian families, coal mines, and Colonel Sanders’ famous fried chicken. There is much more, however, to the Bluegrass State’s rich but often unexplored history than mint juleps and the Hatfields and McCoys. In A Concise History of Kentucky, authors James C. Klotter and Freda C. Klotter introduce readers to a captivating story that spans 12,000 years of Kentucky lives, from Native Americans to astronauts. All facets of Kentucky history are explored—geography, government, social structure, culture, education, and the economy— recounting unique historic events such as the deadly frontier wars, the assassination of a governor, and the birth of Bluegrass music. The book features profiles of famous Kentuckians such as Daniel Boone, Abraham Lincoln, Loretta Lynn, and Muhammad Ali, as well as ordinary citizens. A joint collaboration of the state historian of Kentucky and an experienced educator, A Concise History of Kentucky is an authoritative, readable story that will educate and entertain newcomers to Kentucky history and those who simply want to learn more about the Commonwealth.

James C. Klotter is professor of history at Georgetown College and the state historian of Kentucky. He is the author or coauthor of several books, including A New History of Kentucky. Freda C. Klotter has twenty-five years of classroom experience and currently serves as an educational consultant for the nonprofit Kentucky Collaborative for Teaching and Learning.

“A great resource on state history.” --Kentucky Kernel

“A husband and wife team of teachers has done their part to give a fuller picture of our fair state in A Concise History of Kentucky. The Klotters have distilled our state’s history and culture into just over 200 enjoyable and easy-to-read pages.”“Digestible to a wider range of readers than the average history text, including students who are just beginning to delve into the past.”“There are enough gems of knowledge in A Concise History of Kentucky to make it a treat for anyone who loves the Bluegrass State, its colorful people and its towns.”—Louisville Voice-Tribune

"A work that makes Kentucky's history accessible to a very large audience of readers who are looking for an engaging journey into the past."--West Virginia History

"Overall the Klotters do a good job of balancing the large amount of stories in our state’s history with the depth that goes into providing the reader with an understanding and appreciation for their telling. “Interesting and erudite. . .allow readers unfamiliar with the study of the part to . . .play the role of historian."“Handsomely illustrated. . .summary of the state’s history.” --Lexington Herald-Leader

"A solid introduction to the state--past, present, and future--that is accessible to readers of all ages."--Lone Star Book Review

"The history of Kentucky is interesting and intriguing. The Klotters have ensured their book is the same. Whether read for academic purposes or simply for enjoyment, there is nothing here to disappoint."--Armchair Interviews

"A useful guide in a convenient and well-written format."--Ohio History

"An excellent and concise history of Kentucky that will find wide appeal for many family history researchers in general."--Kentucky Ancestors