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A Military History of China, updated edition

edited by David A. Graff and Robin Higham

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344 pages  Pubdate: 04/13/2012  6 x 9  14 maps

Gaining an understanding of China’s long and sometimes bloody history can help to shed light on China’s ascent to global power. Many of China’s imperial dynasties were established as the result of battle, from the chariot warfare of ancient times to the battles of the Guomindang (KMT) and Communist regimes of the twentieth century. China’s ability to sustain complex warfare on a very large scale was not emulated in other parts of the world until the Industrial Age, despite the fact that the country is only now rising to economic dominance.

In A Military History of China, Updated Edition, David A. Graff and Robin Higham bring together leading scholars to offer a basic introduction to the military history of China from the first millennium B.C.E. to the present. Focusing on recurring patterns of conflict rather than traditional campaign narratives, this volume reaches farther back into China’s military history than similar studies. It also offers insightful comparisons between Chinese and Western approaches to war. This edition brings the volume up to date, including discussions of the Chinese military’s latest developments and the country’s most recent foreign conflicts.

David A. Graff, associate professor of history and director of the East Asian Studies program at Kansas State University, is the author of Medieval Chinese Warfare, 300–900.

Robin Higham, professor of history emeritus at Kansas State University, is the author and editor of many books, including Why Air Forces Fail: The Anatomy of Defeat.

An important addition to the literature on Chinese military history. As such, it is also an important addition to the literature on world military history. -- Journal of Military History

Brings together some of the leading experts on Chinese military history. This book covers the entire sweep of Chinese history from the Spring and Autumn right up to the present day. A Military History of China is suitable for use in military history or ‘War and Society’ seminars, and should provide some necessary balance in what are traditionally very Eurocentric courses. -- Pacific Affairs