The Cancer Crisis in Appalachia

The Cancer Crisis in Appalachia

Kentucky Students Take ACTION

Edited by Nathan L. Vanderford, Lauren Hudson and Chris Prichard

Contributions by Abigail Isaacs, Alyviah Newby, Andrew Davison, Brianna Reyes, Carrigan Wasilchenko, Emory Wilds, Ethan Tiller, Haleigh Thompson, Holly Dickens, Julie Kiser, Kaitlin Schumaker, Katelyn Nigro, Kinley Lewis, Lauren K. Collett, Matthew Melton, Megan Schlosser, Natalie Barker, Nolan Marcum, Rachel Collins, Shahid Jabbar, Solomon Patton, Spencer Shelton, Susanna Goggans, William Adams and Zachary Hall

Published by: The University Press of Kentucky

146 pages, 6.00 x 9.00 in

  • Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781950690039
  • Published: March 2020



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Kentucky has more cancer diagnoses and cancer-related deaths than any other state in the nation, and most of these cases are concentrated in the fifty-four counties that constitute the Appalachian region of the commonwealth. These high rankings can be attributed to factors such as elevated smoking rates, unhealthy eating habits, lower levels of education, and limited access to health care. However, what the facts cannot convey on their own is just how life-changing cancer can be -- something that editors Nathan L. Vanderford, Lauren Hudson, and Chris Prichard have endeavored to address. The Cancer Crisis in Appalachia features essays written by a group of twenty high school and five undergraduate students, all of whom are residents of Kentucky's Appalachian region and are participants in the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center's Appalachian Career Training in Oncology (ACTION) program. These authentic and candid student essays detail the effects of cancer diagnoses and deaths on individuals, families, friends, and communities, and proclaim these cases as more than nameless statistics. The Cancer Crisis in Appalachia seeks to shed light on personal cancer stories, to inspire those engaging in cancer-risk behaviors to change their ways, to motivate people to get involved with cancer-prevention initiatives, and to encourage others to give generously and uplift cancer patients and their loved ones.