Electronic Review Copies

Media, Reviewers, and Bloggers

The University Press of Kentucky is a subscriber to Edelweiss, an online service for the electronic delivery of galleys and press materials. It provides us with the wonderful opportunity of distributing these materials to the media electronically and saving thousands upon thousands of pages of paper.

No Charge

What’s great about Edelweiss is that you will be able to register and use this service to view new titles from the University Press of Kentucky at no cost. You can read galleys online, download PDF versions, read on your e-reading device, and search within galleys.

A Variety of Information

Through Edelweiss, you can view marketing materials, book trailers, photos, author bios, cover art and more.

Save Paper

Plus, Edelweiss will reduce our environmental impact by utilizing digital content to get our titles into your hands faster.

Share Reviews
You can tell us if you’ve decided (or declined) to review one of our books – as well as share the review itself with us – all within Edelweiss.

Register for FREE

Visit https://edelweiss.abovethetreeline.com to register and request to view University Press of Kentucky galleys. Find our titles by searching for the University Press of Kentucky in the public catalog area.


For inquiries about Edelweiss, please contact Jackie Wilson at [email protected] or 859/257-2817.