Emma Hudelson speaking about SKY WATCH at the Norfolk Library

The Norfolk Library | 9 Greenwoods Rd East, Norfolk, CT 06058

From the official event webpage:

“Join authors Courtney Maum and Emma Hudelson at the Library as they discuss their equestrian memoirs and the rise of the hybrid memoir. Hudelson’s new book, “Sky Watch: Chasing an American Saddlebred Story,” focuses on the decline of the American Saddlebred Horse in America and Hudelson’s quest to better understand herself as a female rider in the Saddlebred world. Maum’s memoir, “The Year of the Horses,” follows Maum’s return to horseback riding as a last-ditch effort to pull herself from the brink of depression. As she finds her way, once again, through the world of contemporary horseback riding—Courtney becomes reacquainted with herself not only as a rider but as a mother, wife,  daughter,  writer, and woman.”

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