Nadia Colburn’s I SAY THE SKY reading & poetry workshop at the Adler Arts Center

Adler Arts Center, 1700 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, IL, 60048

From the Adler Center website:

“In this interactive reading/workshop, writer and beloved writing teacher Nadia Colburn, Ph.D., will explore the way poetry engages us through the senses to create an immersive, integrative experience.

To honor the Adler Arts Center and its commitment to supporting music and the visual arts, Nadia will read from her new book I Say the Sky and discuss the nature of music, sound and image in poetry: how does poetry call a world into being? And how can it engage us in a healing, transformative experience?

Nadia will share her own journey through poetry: the ways in which poetry speaks from silences and into levels of healing–both personal and social. She will also offer short meditations and guide us to listen deeply, take in the world around and within us, and write our own poems.

Nadia will be joined by talented Music Therapist Soozie Cotter-Schaufele, who will play the harp. Nadia will also use the artwork in the center as a jumping off point for visual prompts.

Join us for an unforgettable afternoon/evening of poetry, meditation, music, writing, and more.”

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