Nadia Colburn’s I SAY THE SKY reading & poetry workshop at the Brookline Public Library’s Hunneman Hall

Brookline Village Library - Hunneman Hall, 361 Washington Street, Brookline, MA 02445

From the Brookline Public Library website:

“Poets have long understood the connection between, in the words of Robert Frost, “inner and outer weather.” Today, as human activity is changing the climate and our earth at an unprecedented rate, poetry helps us find our grounding and gives us tools for greater connection, voice, and vision.

In this interactive reading and workshop, poet, teacher, and activist Nadia Colburn will read from her poetry book I Say the Sky and lead participants in meditations, prompts, and discussion around our own inner and outer weathers. How do we stay grounded in this time of crisis? How do we cultivate and nourish a vision of connection and belonging? And how can we find our own voice amidst both the clamoring noise of our public, busy world, and the many forces of silence around us?

Nadia will share her own poems and her personal journey behind them; she’ll also share her unique method of coupling mediation and writing so that participants can experience for themselves the power of listening and writing from a more integrated place. There will be time for writing and discussion, and we’ll explore ways to create bridges between poetry and environmental and social engagement.

The workshop is designed to be both restorative and energizing, and is appropriate for people with any level of writing and environmental experience. Take home resources to deepen your connection to poetry as well as new ways to get involved in environmental action.”