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James Still: A Life

by Carol Boggess

James Still (1906–2001) first achieved national recognition in the 1930s as a poet, and he remains one of the most beloved and important writers in Appalachian literature.

A Political Companion to Marilynne Robinson

edited by Shannon L. Mariotti and Joseph H. Lane Jr.

Marilynne Robinson is arguably one of the most important writers of our time.

Language, Race, and Social Class in Howells's America

by Elsa Nettels

No other American novelist has written so fully about language—grammar, diction, the place of colloquialism and dialect in literary English, the relation between speech and writing—as William Dean Howells.

Lovecraft: Disturbing the Universe

by Donald R. Burleson

Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890–1937) has been described variously as the successor to Edgar Allan Poe, a master of the Gothic horror tale, and one of the father of modern supernatural fantasy fiction.

New Strangers in Paradise: The Immigrant Experience and Contemporary American Fiction

by Gilbert H. Muller

New Strangers in Paradise offers the first in-depth account of the ways in which contemporary American fiction has been shaped by the successive generations of immigrants to reach U.S. shores.