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Football and Philosophy: Going Deep

by Michael W. Austin foreword by Joe Posnanski

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The Philosophy of Popular Culture
240 pages  Pubdate: 07/31/2009  6 x 9 x .625  0

Football and Philosophy: Going Deep investigates many of the issues surrounding the nation’s biggest sport. From a review of the flaws of the Bowl Championship Series, to a study of the violence inherent in the game, to an examination of Vince Lombardi’s views on winning, the essays in this collection tackle the moral and philosophical principles behind gridiron competition. The result is an insightful, humorous, and original book that will engage all fans of the game.

Michael W. Austin, associate professor of philosophy at Eastern Kentucky University, is the editor of the forthcoming Running and Philosophy: A Marathon for the Mind.

“Austin and his fellow contributors give new meaning to the phrase ‘going deep.’ Fans will enjoy this lively and thought-provoking collection.” “explores philosophical themes and ideas.” --Gregory Bassham

“This is a brilliant collection of essays, engaging in philosophical reflection on issues and arguments that arise in American football. The essays are insightful and informative, as well as provocative and entertaining. A deeply satisfying read.”—Charles Taliaferro, author of Consciousness and the Mind of God

"The authors apply philosophical thinking to some current issues in football — whether winning is “the only thing,” whether we should have a playoff system in college football, whether instant replay is a good idea, whether using steroids is cheating..." --Books & Culture

"Football and Philosophy forays into some time honored issues as it considers the philosophy of winning in light of the NFL’s most legendary coach, Vince Lombardi, and contemplates the concepts of sportsmanship, virtue, friendship, and failure. While the book is unafraid to tackle serious topics, toughing on ethics, religion, and the nature of reality itself, the collection is designed to be accessible for any interested reader and was written, first and foremost, for fans of the game."