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A Genealogy of Dissent
A General Who Will Fight
A History of Eastern Kentucky University
A History of the Modern Chinese Army
A Kentucky Album
A Life for Freedom
A Little Better than Plumb (paperback)
A Place Not Forgotten
A Political Companion to Henry Adams (hardcover)
A Political Companion to Henry David Thoreau (hardcover)
A Political Companion to Saul Bellow (hardcover)
A Political Companion to Walker Percy (hardcover)
A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Literary Theory
A Rose for Mrs. Miniver (hardcover)
A Simple Freedom
A Tour of Reconstruction
A Voice in the Box
Act of Justice (hardcover)
Actors, Audiences, and Historic Theaters of Kentucky
Advance and Destroy (hardcover)
Adventures in Paranormal Investigation
Aesop’s Fables
Agrarian Kentucky (paperback)
Albert Capellani
Alfred Hitchcock
All-Stars and Movie Stars
Almanac of World War I
Ambition in America
America Recommitted
America’s First Black Socialist
American Racist
An American Iliad
Ann Dvorak
Anna Held and the Birth of Ziegfeld’s Broadway
Appalachian Health and Well-Being
Appalachian Mental Health
Appalachian Toys and Games from A to Z
Art for Equality
At The Breakers
Atlas of Kentucky
Aunt Jane Of Kentucky
Baseball’s Pivotal Era, 1945-1951
Basil Wilson Duke, CSA
Basketball and Philosophy (hardcover)
Beetle (hardcover)
Being in the World (hardcover)
Benjamin Franklin’s Humor
Berlin on the Brink
Big Government and Affirmative Action
Black Farmers in America
Black Male Fiction and the Legacy of Caliban
Black on Black
Black Southerners, 1619-1869
Blue-grass and Rhododendron
Borrowed Children
Bossism and Reform in a Southern City
Bourbon’s Backroads
Camera Clues
Camp Colt to Desert Storm
Carl Theodor Dreyer and Ordet
Cecelia and Fanny
Challenges to Chinese Foreign Policy (hardcover)
Charles Walters (hardcover)
Chinaberry (hardcover)
Chromatic Homes: A Design and Coloring Book (paperback)
Civil Rights Crossroads
Clark Clifford
Clay Lancaster’s Kentucky
Clearing in the Sky & Other Stories
Committed to Victory
Community Memories
Congressional Ambivalence
Consumed by War
Contemporary American Women Writers
Conversations with Kentucky Writers II
Crime Science
Crossing the River
Dalton Trumbo (hardcover)
Dangerous Doctrine
Daughters Of Canaan
Democracy in Central Asia
Democracy Rising
Dixie Limited
Documenting Ourselves
Dr. Anderson’s High-Fiber Fitness Plan
Eating as I Go (paperback)
Echoes of War
Ecotourism in Appalachia
Eliza Calvert Hall
Endkampf (paperback)
Enemies to Allies
Engagement with the Past
Escape from Hitler’s Europe
Every Leaf a Mirror (paperback)
Expanding the Envelope
Exposing the Third Reich
Faces of Kentucky
Faces of Kentucky — Teacher’s Guide
Femininities, Masculinities, Sexualities
Fifty Years of Segregation
Fighting the Cold War
Flavors from Home
Football and Philosophy (paperback)
Footloose in Jacksonian America
For a Voice and the Vote (paperback)
For Jobs and Freedom
Foreign Policy, Inc.
Foretaste of Glory
Frank L. McVey and the University of Kentucky
Franklin on Franklin
Freedom of the Screen
Freedom to Offend
From Berlin to Baghdad
From Red Hot to Monkey’s Eyebrow
From the Farm to the Table (paperback)
From the Mountain, From the Valley (paperback)
Frontiers of Faith
Gardening for the Birds
Generals of the Army
Genius in Bondage
George Keats of Kentucky
Gettin’ Some Age on Me
Ginseng Dreams
God In The Stadium
Golf and Philosophy
Grounded (hardcover)
Hal Wallis
Harvest of Hope
Healing Kentucky
Healing Richard Nixon
Henrietta (hardcover)
Henry Clay the Lawyer
Henry W. Blair’s Campaign to Reform America
Henry Watterson and the New South
Heroism in the New Black Poetry
Hill Man
History Teaches Us to Hope
Hitchcock’s Partner in Suspense
Hitler’s Generals in America
Hitler’s Man in Havana
Hitler’s Rival
Hollywood Under Siege
Hollywood’s White House
Homer Lea
Homer Simpson Goes to Washington
Homer Simpson Goes to Washington, updated edition
Homer Simpson Marches on Washington
I Wonder as I Wander
In Capra’s Shadow
In Defense of the Bush Doctrine (paperback)
In Enemy Hands
In Praise of Poverty
In Search of the Good Life (hardcover)
Insurrections (hardcover)
Integral Pluralism (hardcover)
Into the Wilderness
It’s Only a Movie!
Jack Nicholson
Japan in the Bluegrass
John Gay and the London Theatre
John Milton
Johnny Green of the Orphan Brigade
Keeneland’s Ted Bassett
Kentuckians in Gray
Kentucky (hardcover)
Kentucky Agate
Kentucky by Design
Kentucky Home Place
Kentucky Horse Country
Kentucky Weather
Kentucky’s Governors, updated edition
Kentucky’s Last Cavalier
Kentucky’s Last Great Places
Kentucky’s Natural Heritage
Kentucky’s Road to Statehood
Killing the Indian Maiden (hardcover)
Killing Tradition
Learning Native Wisdom (hardcover)
Lessons in Leadership
Lessons in Likeness
Lincoln before Lincoln
Lincoln Gordon
Lincoln on Lincoln
Lincoln on Trial (paperback)
Liquor in the Land of the Lost Cause
Local Environmental Movements
Lord of the Rings
Lucifer Ascending
Lum and Abner
Madam Belle (hardcover)
Madeline McDowell Breckinridge and the Battle for a New South
Mammals Of Kentucky
Mammoth Cave National Park
Mark Twain’s Civil War
Mary Pickford
Mike Barry and the Kentucky Irish American
Miss America Kissed Caleb
Mothers and Daughters in Nineteenth-Century America
Moving Mountains
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
Murder and Madness (paperback)
My Century in History (hardcover)
My Father, Daniel Boone (hardcover)
My Life as a Mankiewicz (hardcover)
My Life in Focus
My Old Confederate Home
My World
Narnia and the Fields of Arbol
Nativism Reborn?
New Departures
Nixon’s Back Channel to Moscow
No Bread for Mandela
Northern Kentucky University
Obama at War
On the Edge of Earth
One Woman’s World War II
Our Kentucky, second edition
P.S. I Love You
Passing the Test
Peace And Disarmament
Peace Out of Reach
Pola Negri
Politics and Religion in the White South
Portrait Of A Father
Practicing Theory and Reading Literature
Privileged and Confidential
Profiles from the Kitchen
Prologue to Conflict
Radical Future Pasts (hardcover)
Ralph Ellison and the Raft of Hope (hardcover)
Rare Wildflowers of Kentucky
Reading Africa into American Literature
Real or Fake
Real-Life X-Files
Reconstructing American Historical Cinema (paperback)
Reflections on Constitutional Law
Reflections on Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment (paperback)
Religion and Politics in the Early Republic
Rennie’s Way
Rereading Appalachia (hardcover)
Rex Ingram
Road Of Stars To Santiago
Roy Wilkins (hardcover)
Rückzug (hardcover)
Run Me a River (paperback)
Run Me a River (hardcover)
Rusties and Riddles and Gee-Haw Whimmy-Diddles
Sacred Mountains (hardcover)
Savory Memories
Sense Of Place
Serving Two Masters
Shady Grove (hardcover)
Shiloh And Other Stories
Shooting the Pacific War
Showman of the Screen
Sidney J. Furie
Singing The Glory Down
Sisters in Pain
So Much to Lose
Soldier in the Sinai
Songs of Life and Grace
Southern Political Party Activists (paperback)
Spanish Poetry of the Twentieth Century
Sporty Creek
Stages of Evil
State Violence in East Asia
Stephen Rolfe Powell
Steven Spielberg and Philosophy (paperback)
Streaming (paperback)
Street Smart
Street with No Name (paperback)
Striking Back
Studio Affairs
Stuntwomen (hardcover)
Sue Mundy (paperback)
Sue Mundy (hardcover)
Surface and Destroy (paperback)
Surface and Destroy (hardcover)
Take Sides with the Truth
Taking the Town
Tales from Tennessee Lawyers (hardcover)
Tara’s Healing
Team 19 in Vietnam
Television Histories
The 25-Year War
The American Voice Anthology of Poetry
The Americanization of West Virginia
The Antislavery Movement in Kentucky
The Arms of the Family
The Art and Imagination of Langston Hughes
The Bizarre Careers of John R. Brinkley
The Breckinridges of Kentucky
The Collected Poems and Journals of Mary Tighe
The Conversion of Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg
The Death of Oliver Cromwell
The Democratic Soul
The Encyclopedia of Northern Kentucky (hardcover)
The Enemy in Our Hands (paperback)
The Enemy in Our Hands (hardcover)
The Flaming Sword
The Founders
The Future of Religion in American Politics
The Godfather of Tabloid
The Greening of the South
The History of Jemmy and Jenny Jessamy (paperback)
The Humor of the Old South
The Indian Ocean Tsunami
The Influence of Airpower upon History
The Intrepid Guerrillas of North Luzon
The Jack Sprat Low-Fat Diet
The Japanese City
The Kentucky African American Encyclopedia
The Kentucky Breeding Bird Atlas
The Kentucky Encyclopedia
The Kentucky Harness Horse
The Klan
The Kurdish Nationalist Movement in the 1990s
The Land Beyond the Mountains (paperback)
The Land Beyond the Mountains (hardcover)
The Land We Dreamed
The Last Days of Big Grassy Fork
The Letters of Thomas Merton and Victor and Carolyn Hammer (hardcover)
The Life and Photography of Doris Ulmann
The Line
The Little White Schoolhouse
The Lotus Unleashed (paperback)
The Man Who Loved Birds
The Mighty Eighth in WWII
The Missile Defense Controversy
The Mystery Chronicles
The Olmsted Parks of Louisville
The Oprah Phenomenon, updated edition
The Papers of Henry Clay, Volume 3 (hardcover, December 1963)
The Papers of Henry Clay, Volume 4 (hardcover, December 1972)
The Papers of Henry Clay, Volume 7 (hardcover, December 1982)
The People’s House
The Philosophy of Charlie Kaufman (paperback)
The Philosophy of David Lynch
The Philosophy of J.J. Abrams
The Philosophy of Joss Whedon
The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese (hardcover)
The Philosophy of Michael Mann
The Philosophy of Spike Lee
The Philosophy of Steven Soderbergh
The Philosophy of TV Noir
The Philosophy of War Films (paperback)
The Plum Thicket
The Political Career of W. Kerr Scott (paperback)
The Politics of Downtown Development
The Presence of Pessoa
The Presidency in the Twenty-first Century
The Price of Scarlet
The Prince of Jockeys (hardcover)
The Promise and Perils of Populism (hardcover)
The Pursuit of Truth
The Recess
The Rise of Aggressive Abolitionism
The Run for the Elbertas
The Scourges of Heaven
The Shame of Southern Politics
The Sheriff
The Sins of the Father
The South and the New Deal (paperback)
The South and the New Deal (hardcover)
The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
The State of the Earth (paperback)
The Tennessee Valley
The Three Kentucky Presidents
The Three Secular Plays of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
The Total Light Process (paperback)
The Total Light Process (hardcover)
The Trial (hardcover)
The Union Forever
The United States and Japan in the Postwar World
The University of Kentucky
The University of Louisville
The View from the Ground
The Voice of the Frontier
The War That Never Ends (hardcover)
The Way of Duty, Honor, Country
The Women of Country Music
Thirteen Women Strong
Thomas D. Clark of Kentucky (hardcover)
Thomas Merton’s Gethsemani
Time on Target
Tolkien’s Art
Totalitarianism on Screen
Toward Freedom Land
Trees and Shrubs of Kentucky
True Faith And Allegiance
Twilight of the Republic
Uncle Will of Wildwood
Unsolved History
Urban Guerrilla Warfare
V.K. Wellington Koo and the Emergence of Modern China
Vascular Plants Of Kentucky
Veit Harlan
Vernon and Irene Castle’s Ragtime Revolution
Victor Fleming
Violence against Women in Kentucky
Voices From the Holocaust
Voices from the Korean War (hardcover)
Voices from the Vietnam War (paperback)
Voices from the Vietnam War (hardcover)
Water in Kentucky (paperback)
Wellspring (paperback)
Wetland Drainage, Restoration, and Repair
What Comes Down to Us
What Ever Happened to Orson Welles?
When Winter Come (hardcover)
When Winter Come (paperback)
William Louis Poteat
Willis Duke Weatherford (paperback)
With Charity for All
With the Tigers over China, 1941-1942
Women Politicians and the Media
World Politics on Screen (paperback)
Writing Southern Politics
Yates Paul, His Grand Flights, His Tootings
Yes We Did? (paperback)
Yes We Did? (hardcover)
You Bet Your Life
You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby (hardcover)

50% Off

A Black Educator in the Segregated South
A Brief History of Northern Kentucky
A Careful Hunger
A Concise History of Kentucky
A Few Honest Words (paperback)
A Girl’s A Gun
A Guide to Cyanobacteria
A is for Appalachia
A Nazi Past
A New History of Kentucky, second edition
A Political Companion to Frederick Douglass
A Political Companion to Marilynne Robinson
A Political Companion to W. E. B. Du Bois
A Revolution Down on the Farm (paperback)
A Uniquely American Epic
A Woman’s Wage
A Woman’s Wage, updated edition
Act of Contrition (paperback)
Adolph Rupp and the Rise of Kentucky Basketball
Advance and Destroy (paperback)
Adventures in Good Cooking
Agrarianism and the Good Society
Aid Under Fire
Albanian Escape
Alben Barkley
Alvin York
Amadis of Gaul, Books III and IV
America and Guerrilla Warfare
American Culture in Peril
American Justice in Taiwan
Amphibians and Reptiles of Land Between the Lakes
An Appalachian Mother Goose
An Unseen Light
Anne Bancroft
Appeasement in International Politics
At the Decisive Point in the Sinai
Barbara La Marr
Battlefield Surgeon
Becoming Bourgeois (hardcover)
Becoming Native To This Place
Bees in America (paperback)
Beetle (paperback)
Before the Quagmire
Behavioral Therapy for Rural Substance Abusers
Biplanes at War
Black Bone
Blood in the Sand
Blood on the Moon
Blood, Guts, and Grease
Bluegrass Renaissance
Blueprints for Battle
Boonesborough Unearthed
Bound to the Fire
Bourbon Desserts
Boy on the Bridge
Breaking Protocol
Breaking the Magic Spell
Bruce Dern
Building a Healthy Economy from the Bottom Up (paperback)
Building Ho’s Army
Changing The Subject
Changing the World One Book at a Time
China Looks at the West
Chromatic Homes
Civil Rights in the Gateway to the South (paperback)
Clarence Brown
Coach Hall
College for the Commonwealth
Conversations with Legendary Television Stars
Cosmopolitanism in the Age of Globalization (hardcover)
Country Music Annual 2000
Country Music Annual 2002
Cover Name: Dr. Rantzau
Cowboy Conservatism
Crane (paperback)
Crane (hardcover)
Decision in the Atlantic
Deforming American Political Thought
Dickens’s Great Expectations
Dramas of Distinction
Eating as I Go (hardcover)
Edward M. Almond and the US Army
Energy From Alcohol
Engineering Corporate Success
Enid Yandell
Faith in Black Power (paperback)
Field Work
Fighter Pilot
Fights for Rights
Film’s First Family
Fishing the Jumps
Flavors from Home, revised edition
Football and Philosophy (hardcover)
For a Voice and the Vote (hardcover)
For Brotherhood and Duty (paperback)
For the Hog Killing, 1979
Foreign Friends
Foreign Policy at the Periphery
Forty Minutes to Glory
From My Cold, Dead Hands
Funeral Festivals in America (hardcover)
Gateway to Equality (paperback)
George Rogers Clark and William Croghan
Ghosts of Old Louisville
Ghosts of the Bluegrass
Girls Rock!
God Speaks to Us, Too
Gray Ghost (paperback)
Harry Langdon
Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky (hardcover)
He’s Got Rhythm
Hitler’s Wehrmacht, 1935–1945
Hollywood at the Races
Hollywood Divided
How Kentucky Became Southern (paperback)
I’ll Tell You What
Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya
Imaginative Conservatism
Improvising Out Loud
In Defense of the Bush Doctrine (hardcover)
In Peace and Freedom (paperback)
In Remembrance of Emmett Till
Insurrections (paperback)
Irvin S. Cobb
It Seems to Me
Jack And The Wonder Beans
Jacob L. Devers (paperback)
Jacob L. Devers (hardcover)
James Still
Jane Austen in Hollywood
Japan after 3/11
Jarmila Novotná
Jean Ritchie’s Swapping Song Book
Jefferson on Jefferson
JFK and de Gaulle
John Hervey Wheeler, Black Banking, and the Economic Struggle for Civil Rights
John Hunt Morgan and His Raiders
John Quincy Adams and American Global Empire
Just War Reconsidered (paperback)
Kentucky (paperback)
Kentucky and the Great War (paperback)
Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
Kentucky Government, Politics, and Public Policy
Kentucky Heirloom Seeds
Kentucky Marine (paperback)
Kentucky Quilts and Their Makers
Kentucky’s Cookbook Heritage (paperback)
Kentucky’s Frontier Highway
Kontum (paperback)
Lake Monster Mysteries
Land of Pure Vision
Landpower in the Long War
Lectures of the Air Corps Tactical School and American Strategic Bombing in World War II (hardcover)
Lewis Milestone
Light In The Darkness
Lincoln on Trial (hardcover)
Lincoln, Seward, and US Foreign Relations in the Civil War Era
Lincoln’s Final Hours (hardcover)
Madam Belle (paperback)
Make Way for Her
Marie Dressler
Maureen O’Hara (hardcover)
Maxwell Taylor’s Cold War
Michael Curtiz (hardcover)
Militant Mediator
Miriam Hopkins
Modern Chinese Legal Reform
Mommy Goose
More Kentucky Bourbon Cocktails
Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians (paperback)
My Brother Slaves
My Life as a Mankiewicz (paperback)
My Life before the World War, 1860–1917
New Covenant Bound
Next Door to the Dead
No End in Sight
North Korean Military Proliferation in the Middle East and Africa
Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes
Olivia de Havilland
One Nation Under Siege
Order in Chaos (paperback)
Our Appalachia
Out Of Kentucky Kitchens (paperback)
Paul Rusch in Postwar Japan
Paving the Way for Reagan
Pershing’s Tankers
Pigboat 39
Pop Culture and the Dark Side of the American Dream
Race and Liberty in America (paperback)
Reagan and the World (hardcover)
Reflections on Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment (hardcover)
Reflections on Life, Death, and the Constitution (paperback)
Reformers to Radicals (paperback)
Reformers to Radicals (hardcover)
Religion In Antebellum Kentucky
Rethinking the Civil War Era
Ridley Scott
Ring Around the Moon
Robert Frost and the New England Renaissance
Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men
Rock Fences of the Bluegrass
Royal Portraits in Hollywood
Rückzug (paperback)
Russell Kirk (paperback)
Sabers through the Reich (paperback)
Salvator Rosa in French Literature
Scissors, Paper, Rock
Sidney Lumet, second edition
Sir Barton and the Making of the Triple Crown
Slaves, Slaveholders, and a Kentucky Community’s Struggle Toward Freedom
Slender Is The Thread
South Pacific Diary, 1942-1943
Southern Crossroads
Southern History on Screen
Southern Political Party Activists (hardcover)
Southern Writers at Century’s End
Spectacular Bid
Spookiest Stories Ever
Stereoscopic Cinema and the Origins of 3-D Film, 1838-1952
Stitched Together
Stoner’s Boy
Stroheim (hardcover)
Stuntwomen (paperback)
Subordinating Intelligence
Sweet Pea at War
Sylvia Rafael
Taking Shergar
Tales from Kentucky Sheriffs (hardcover)
The Air Force Way of War
The Art of Command, second edition (paperback)
The Art of Ellis Wilson
The Beer Cheese Book
The Believers
The Bennetts
The Birth of Bourbon
The Blue Ribbon Cook Book
The Christmas Truce (hardcover)
The Cold War at Home and Abroad
The Crisis of Democratic Theory
The Delicate Distress
The Dream Is Lost (paperback)
The Encyclopedia of Louisville
The Essential Sopranos Reader
The Excellence of Falsehood
The Forgotten Front
The Geopolitics Of Super Power
The Gulf
The Hatfields and the McCoys
The Historic Kentucky Kitchen (paperback)
The History of Jemmy and Jenny Jessamy (hardcover)
The Holy Profane (paperback)
The Improbable Era
The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book
The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook
The Kentucky Derby (paperback)
The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook
The Kentucky Legislature
The Kentucky Mint Julep
The Kentucky Shakers
The Korean War in World History
The Legacy of J. William Fulbright
The Life and Work of John C. Campbell
The Logos Reader (paperback)
The Logos Reader (hardcover)
The Longest Rescue (paperback)
The Longest Rescue (hardcover)
The Manhattan Cocktail
The Mentelles
The Myth and Reality of German Warfare
The Myth of Triumphalism
The New and Collected Poems of Jane Gentry
The Obligation of Empire
The Old Fashioned
The Oprah Phenomenon
The Philosophy of Neo-Noir (paperback)
The Philosophy of the Coen Brothers, updated edition
The Philosophy of The X-Files
The Philosophy of Tim Burton
The Public Papers of Governor Martha Layne Collins, 1983-1987
The Quare Women
The Quiet Professional (paperback)
The Rest of the Dream
The Rising Clamor
The Roots of Appalachian Christianity
The Schlieffen Plan
The Sea and the Second World War
The Secret History of RDX
The Shaker Village
The Social Documentary Photography of Milton Rogovin
The Social History of Bourbon
The Soldier Image and State-Building in Modern China, 1924-1945
The State of the Earth (hardcover)
The Struggle for Cooperation
The Struggle Is Eternal (hardcover)
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
The U.S. South and Europe
The Unknown Dead
The US Senate and the Commonwealth
The USS Flier (paperback)
The USS Flier (hardcover)
The Virtues of Ignorance (hardcover)
The War to End All Wars
Thomas C. Mann
Thomas Ince
Three Kentucky Tragedies
Thunder in the Argonne
Truman and the Democratic Party
Uncle Sam’s War of 1898 and the Origins of Globalization (paperback)
Uneven Ground (paperback)
US Presidential Elections and Foreign Policy
Venerable Trees
Virginia at War, 1861
Virginia at War, 1863
Virtues of Renewal (hardcover)
Voice of the Wildcats
Voices from the Korean War (paperback)
Voices of African Immigrants in Kentucky
War and Remembrance
War in the American Pacific and East Asia, 1941-1972
Wars of Modern Babylon
Washington on Washington
Water Street
Wendell Berry and Higher Education (hardcover)
West Virginia, second edition
When Slavery Was Called Freedom
While Father Is Away (hardcover)
Who Killed Betty Gail Brown?
Why We Fought (paperback)
Wildflowers and Ferns of Kentucky
Wildflowers and Ferns of Red River Gorge and the Greater Red River Basin
William Dunbar
With a Hammer for My Heart (March 2007 version)
Wonderful Wasteland and other natural disasters
Woody Plants of Kentucky and Tennessee