Land of Tomorrow

Edited by Thomas H. Appleton Jr., Melba Porter Hay, James C. Klotter and Thomas E. Stephens

Published by: Kentucky Historical Society

256 Pages, 9.00 x 12.00 in, color photos

  • Hardcover
  • 9780916968250
  • Published: July 1998



Published by the Kentucky Historical Society and distributed by the University Press of Kentucky The history and beauty of the Bluegrass State come alive in words and pictures, as this volume chronicles the Kentucky experience in all its variety. Rare black-and white historic images combine with more than two hundred modern color photographs to complement a narrative written by some of the commonwealth's most celebrated wordsmiths: Thomas D. Clark, George Ella Lyon, John Ed Pearce, Gerald L. Smith, Michal Smith-Mello, and Michael T. Childress. Photographs by Dan Dry of Louisville, Kentucky. excerpt: Where are you from? ""Kentucky,"" I say. I'm from a place where people still stop for funerals, where they know who your grandmother was, where they tell stories at Corn Island at the state park at the dinner table where they pass on their youngest's outgrown clothes and bring a casserole as soon as someone dies. --George Ella Lyon